XENTA drone detection radar

Weibel introduces the new XENTA product line

November 11, 2020

To date we have delivered in excess of 4,500 state-of-the-art radars to customers in more than 40 countries. They are used for precision measurements of all types of flying objects from satellite launches and space debris tracking to missiles, grenades and projectiles.

Today we take a step further, with a new product line called XENTA. The XENTA product line consists of the models XENTA-C1 and XENTA-C3 for drone detection and tracking and XENTA-M1, XENTA-M3 and XENTA-M5 for Short Range Air Defense applications (SHORAD).

For more information on the XENTA-C series: https://weibelradars.com/drone-detection/what-is-drone-detection/

For more information on the XENTA-M series: https://weibelradars.com/defense/ground/short-range-air-defense/