Drone detection

Next-generation drone detection radars to detect, track and classify low, slow and small targets over long distances.

Detect drones in all conditions

Detection of drones is an essential security function in many vital situations – such as  critical infrastructure protection, monitoring of mobile perimeters and borders, and unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems.


With the XENTA-C product family, Weibel offers a new generation of X-Band CW-FMCW Counter-UAV drone detection radars specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements necessary for successful detection, tracking, and classification of low, slow and small (LSS) targets, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

If you are a interested in the military mil. spec. variant of the drone detection radar with IFF support, stop-and-stare etc. then take a look at our XENTA-M SHORAD radars for Ground Based Air Defence.

Using frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar processing, the digital-array 3D X-Band XENTA radars are based on our proven expertise in advanced CW Doppler radar technologies. The drone detection radar detects and tracks targets down to the smallest individual drones flying in close formations.

Advanced processing means that accurate data is obtained under high-clutter environments such as rain/atmospheric, birds, and other effects such as sand and sea.

Real-time situational awareness and decision-making

Weibel’s drone detection radar provides situational awareness information to central control or unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems, which supports operators with operational control and decision-making.

Using an ASTERIX digital data interface, the radar provides real-time track information, including 3D position and velocity data, status reports and target information at high data-rate and with minimal latency.

Flexible to your needs

Our drone detection radars are available with different transmitter output powers, depending on your specific range requirements. UAV-detection will be possible at ranges of up to 5 km and 8 km for low-power and high-power systems respectively.

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