Enabling defense with accuracy

Weibel radar systems deliver high-performance solutions for extreme accuracy in challenging weather conditions and in harsh operational situations.

Weibel provides a wide range of radar systems for use in military defense applications, including muzzle velocity radars for artillery and mortars, fire-control radars, drone detection, and short-range air defense.


Our systems measure and track ammunition fired over short, medium and long ranges. Whether installed on fixed or mobile weapons installations, our radars are designed to withstand the rigours of combat, as well as the most extreme conditions –from severe cold to high heat, dry to humid, as well as sand, snow, hail and rain.

Weibel’s radar technology operates in the X-band of the electromagnetic spectrum, ensuring the optimum resolution, accuracy and discrimination capability available today.

In creating radar systems for military use, we aim to achieve a high-performance solution capable of operating with extreme accuracy in demanding situations. While developing market-leading technology, we have a strong focus on offering a pragmatic solution to a complex operational environment.

Our systems are designed for predictable, low total cost of ownership. They are built for a long lifetime of consistent, reliable operation, also enabled by our preventative maintenance program, which helps you to plan your maintenance resources.

Together with line replaceable units (LRUs) and hot-swap capabilities, we provide full, comprehensive documentation and system training.

Lifetime is also increased by the ability to quickly replace system-critical wear parts, which reduces downtime during replacement. In addition to full support for your Weibel radar systems, we provide spare parts handling services, giving you access to any necessary part to maximize operational uptime and availability.