Weibel NASA Launch

Weibel to participate in two European Defence Industrial Development Programs

July 02, 2021

Prior to our engagement in the Space Situational Awareness and early warning capabilities project (SAURON), Weibel have succeeded in developing and refining our Doppler technology to highly advanced surveillance and tracking radars. This technology is highly efficient for both gap filling the Ballistic Missile Defence and ensuring timely and precise Space Situational Awareness (SSA) with classification capabilities.

The design and construction of our ground based Gap Filling Tracking Radar (GFTR) ensures high flexibility, small footprint, short deployment time, very low life-cycle-costs and incredible performance. The latter was quite convincingly demonstrated on the recent #FormidableShield 2021 and in May when our radar detected and tracked a Chinese space object orbiting out of control.

In the long range indirect fire support capabilities project (e-COLORSS), Weibel build on +40 years of technological spear heading. We have delivered more than 4.000 muzzle velocity radars (MVR) that enhances precision of indirect fire from e.g. mortars, artillery and naval guns. In this market, Weibel haven’t lost an order in open competition since 1994.