Thomas beside Weibel Radar

Weibel sells radars for DKK 367 million in the financial year 2020/21

July 07, 2021

The owner of Weibel Scientific, Thomas Øiseth Munkholm, comments, “I am satisfied and very proud that we can grow so impressively when we at the same time have invested heavily and navigated through a pandemic”.

According to Thomas, a new company based strategy has helped secure Weibel its best result ever. “A year ago, we laid out a five-year strategy, and that is what we execute on now. We have among others come up with a new technology that the competitors have not developed,” says Thomas, who together with his sister took over the company from his father, Erik Tingleff Larsen, when he died in 2016.

He has great confidence that Weibel Scientific can achieve its goal of growing by 10-30 percent in revenue during the coming financial year.

The growth is primarily coming from the market for drone defense, which according to Thomas Øiseth Munkholm is growing rapidly right now, “Everyone can buy a drone today, but not everyone knows the rules, and others have malicious plans with them, which worries many governments,” he comments. Thomas also mentions that Weibel will deliver radars to the Norwegian Air Defense in 2022 based on this new technology.

Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) radars are also an area in which Weibel Scientific would like to make large sums in the future. The company is working hard on the opportunity to deliver a radar to the defense alliance NATO’s Ballistic Missile Defense system in the future. “There is no agreement yet, but we are working on it. We have just had our equipment with us for a major NATO test on the Scottish archipelago of the Hebrides. It was a huge success”, says Thomas Øiseth Munkholm.