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Weibel keeps up production during covid-19 crisis

April 08, 2020

Despite the measures we have taken to safeguard everyone from the spread of the corona virus, our production is still running at full speed. Actually, we are even more productive than usual. We have divided our production into 8 isolated zones with strict safety measures, and those not involved in production are working from home. Our positivity and productivity has caught the attention of the Danish media. Yesterday, our CEO Peder R. Pedersen was live on national TV where he shared how Weibel has managed to keep up production while meeting strict security measures during the Covid-19 crisis. “We take the government’s restrictions very seriously, and we’d rather be extra safe than sorry. We have learnt a lot from the crisis already, and going forward we will continue to use some of the new digital collaboration tools which have turned out to be very efficient,” he said.