Weibel is sponsor of DANSTAR

Weibel is a proud new sponsor of DANSTAR and will support them in the space endeavours

October 06, 2021

DanSTAR and Weibel Scientific team up. DANSTAR, the Danish Student Association for Rocketry, is managed by 40+ engineering students from DTU – Technical University of Denmark. Their overarching goal is to reach space with their rockets designed and produced by them in their spare time. Weibel is now one of many proud sponsors of DANSTAR and will support them in the space endeavours.

‘Our customers from JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration AgencyNASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration and US Navy with Weibel radars are able to track space objects and debris at several hundreds and thousand kilometres. Helping Danish engineering students from DTU in reaching their goals is in the DNA of Weibel and we could not find better people to support. Finally, we at Weibel can learn a lot from tracking DANSTAR rockets and extract relevant data besides increasing range safety. We look forward to the close collaboration and expect to be inspired,’ explains Thomas Øiseth Munkholm, Owner and VP, Business Development.

For more than 20 years Weibel radars have been tracking space objects at long distances securing range safety at launches and we have provided critical and accurate space situational awareness and surveillance data for risk analyses and collision avoidance. The sponsorship with DANSTAR fuels Weibel’s expertise within this field of business.

DANSTAR’s newest rocket will be launched next week at the European Rocketry Challenge 2021 (EUROC) in Portugal in Ponte de Sor. The DTU students are competing against other organisations as the only European student rocketry club. Most competitors employ full time employees underlining the impressive work by team DANSTAR and they are a prime example of the high level of Danish engineering competences, team work and that hard and focused work pay off. We will act as cheering group for the DANSTAR team as they launch their rocket.

For more info visit:
– Danish Student Association for Rocketry