Fire Control Radar

Weibel offers an advanced fire-control radar to increase the effectiveness of the ship’s fire-control system.

Fire Control Radars for improved engagement effectiveness

Weibel offers Naval all-weather fire control radars that enhance the performance of traditional electro-optical fire-control systems.

Our fire-control X-Band Doppler tracking radar can track autonomously or be data-fused with any EO sensor suite. This provides a compact and lightweight, yet robust, design that supports accurate, long-range target tracking in all kinds of weather. This means high performance of your Fire Control System in fog, humidity and rain.

Weibel’s wide-angle fire control radar supports fast target acquisition and 3D-tracking. The system offers advanced electronic counter-counter measures (ECCM)

Example System Integrator implementation

The above example System Integrator solution provides accurate multiple-target tracking by Weibel’s Doppler Fire Control Radar radar or electro-optical sensors, or a combination of both. Thanks to its built-in ballistics predictors using muzzle velocity input, it enables precise fire control of any in-service naval gun for both air and surface targets.