Corporate Social Responsibility


Weibel doppler radar

Weibel’s Corporate Social Responsibility

The most significant CSR related risks for Weibel are related to the areas within social and employee relations, environment and climate as well as anti-bribery.


Our business model is based on developing and producing radars and the environmental and climate footprint of Weibel is overall related to the use of energy and proper waste handling from our production processes. Our production is located in Denmark and must follow Danish rules and legislation within this area. Based here on the risks related to climate and environment are limited for Weibel.

Our employees are employed in highly regulated and sophisticated labor markets, where human rights between employer and employee is not an issue.

Our suppliers is a combination of local minor suppliers late in the global supply chain of e.g. aluminum and global suppliers, where Weibel has a very low influence on the conduct of these suppliers.

Our end customers are mostly public authorities in the Western oriented world. The products we market are dependent on export regulation and we are generally not allowed to export our products without prior export permission from Danish authorities. Export permissions are based on EU regulation regarding Dual-use products and authorities assess human rights before potentially providing export permissions.

Based on our assessment of the employment markets we operate in, our suppliers, our low global buying power and our position in a highly regulated market the possibility to impact human rights is limited for Weibel and no human rights policy has been adopted as the risk related to human rights is considered limited.