Visit to Weibel by Minister of Defense and Minister of Economic and Business Affairs

August 13, 2021

Our new production was full of journalists… And with good reason. The strategy sets a novel and proactive direction for the Danish Defense with the desire and need for a closer collaboration with Danish industry and universities, ensuring the safety of Denmark and other allied societies.

At Weibel, we see a lot of potential. In the field of air defense we offer our SHORAD and Counter UAS radar XENTA. Our unique combination of Doppler and pulse modulations offer exceptional possibilities within space situational awareness and safety when launching satellites. Additionally, this same technology is applied in our 54dB Weibel radar which is ideal in a Ballistic Missile Defense network for NATO.

With the new strategy, we will pursue the opportunity to fuel our research and development so that we keep Denmark and its allies prepared for any future threat that can be countered within our domain specialty. Whether it moves… or not, our Weibel radar will see it.

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