The bar for 2020 is set high

Weibel’s annual kick-off event

January 07, 2020

Yesterday, we welcomed another exciting new year with our annual kick-off; a long Weibel tradition. Our canteen was packed with people, some of whom have helped fuel Weibel’s growth during many years and some who are new to our family – an impressive crowd.

In his New Year’s speech, our President & CEO Peder Richardt Pedersen presented a long list of highlights shaping the past year, including the expansion of our Board of Directors with three highly experienced new members and how the Weibel family has grown 25 percent since the beginning of 2019.

The bar for 2020 is set high: We aim for record-high sales and look forward to developing our unique technologies even further. But first and foremost, we look forward to welcoming all the newly employed colleagues properly to the Weibel family.

Happy New Year to all!

The bar for 2020 is set high 2 The bar for 2020 is set high 3