Short and medium-range surveillance

Phased-array, 3D Doppler radars for air surveillance and tracking.

Multi-purpose operation, full dome coverage

Weibel provides phased-array, 3D Doppler radars for short and medium-range air surveillance and tracking.

Our radars provide a unique combination of both surveillance and tracking radar. They enhance the capability of traditional air surveillance radars, especially in the detection and tracking of targets flying at low altitudes.

Enabled by mechanical steering of the radar antenna, the radars provide full dome coverage over the top. The antenna is mounted on our purpose-built, high-performance antenna pedestal.

Compliance with military standards
We design our radars based on all necessary MIL-STD military standards. So you can be sure it will meet requirements to withstand shock, bomb attacks, vibrations and similar.

Accurate target detection
Weibel’s patented combination of FMCW and CW waveforms in one radar is the foundation for our radar’s unique performance. In addition, the simultaneous use of X-band frequencies and FMCW/CW waveforms provides superior detection of targets.

In particular, the continuous-wave waveform uniquely suppresses clutter, ensuring very low flying targets can no longer “hide below the radar”.

The radars measure range based on wide-band, long-pulse FMCW technology and the azimuth and elevation angles based on monopulse phase-phase comparison in both elevation and azimuth. Transmitter and receiver beam shaping are also used to suppress side lobes.

Enabled by mechanical steering of the radar antenna, Weibel radars provide full dome coverage.

Early warning detection
The radar provides early warning detection capability. Based on a set of rules, it will switch to verification mode for all fast targets, enabling the creation of an early warning track output for use in your C2/display system.

Real-time tracking
When a target is detected, the radar can be switched into tracking mode either for fire direction of a weapon system or for intelligence collection of suspicious flight behavior.

When tracking an object, such as a fighter aircraft, it follows the object based on real-time closed loop tracking. If the active real-time track is lost, the system automatically extrapolates the trajectory. The radar will follow the estimated trajectory until valid measuring points are collected again.

Rapid radar deployment
Our surveillance and tracking radar is simple to deploy. Set-up and tear-down takes less than one hour by a two-man crew. The trailer solution is equipped with an automatic hydraulic self-levelling system, contributing to the simple deployment and high accuracy of target tracking.

Mobile solution
The trailer-mounted radar can be towed by a general-purpose truck. The truck can be equipped with a shelter (20-ft. container) for local operation or command and control of the radar. During transportation, the radar can be covered by a tarp or by Weibel’s remotely operated clamshell solution.

Jamming resistance
Weibel’s air surveillance radars are enabled for effective electronic counter-countermeasure (ECCM). They include several important ECCM capabilities:

  • Frequency diversity
  • Frequency agility
  • Jamming analysis –least jammed
  • Silent mode/sector control
  • Side lobe suppression

Service and support
All parts of the radar are designed, manufactured and tested by qualified Weibel personnel and our own development and manufacturing facilities. This ensures full control of quality and spare parts. We offer full obsolescence management and guarantee 20 years of in-life support.